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Which is part of the reason I've not been around. Life without certainty of continued employment has been stressful, but no more so than for others who perhaps experience this on a more regular basis. Our group formed over 15 years ago and, while the hospital has always tried to get the better of the deal, this is the first time many of us have wondered a) if they're really going to boot us out and b) is it worth staying even if they don't. Aside from all the hospital politics DRAHMAH, or in spite of, the contract has been approved. 18 months rather than 3 years ( hospital's choice) and one of our department's strongest members jumped ship and moved to Portland.

It has seriously crossed my mind. But for now I'll wait. I hate change.

ION, three kids in college. Oy! Hopefully a couple will graduate before the end of 2012 (typo was '2021' LOL) Two living at home, one moved onto campus with friends. No potential daughters-in-law yet and no unplanned pregnancies. Yay, team!

Dark, cold, rainy, but maybe flurries tonight or tomorrow! I love snow so long as it covers the grass and looks pretty.

Chessie tries to catch fish in the pond every time she goes out. I've caught her up to her chest in the cold, dirty water. The other dogs couldn't care less about them. I'm mystified but impressed by her perseverance.

My African Gray is obsessed with my Swiffer WetJet and croons at it, trying to coax it into his cage, presumably with amorous intent. Again mystified.

My mother put the kibosh on the only present I could come up with for my dad: OnStar FMV. She insists that he's a good driver at 83, despite family reviews to the contrary. *sigh* I am uneasy about the end of that road. Being a loving daughter, I warned them when they drove to Atlanta in Oct (after i offered to fly them and their golf clubs) that if they were going to die in a fiery car crash they should be sure not to take anyone else with them.

TMI. Sorry. If you've made it this far, know that I love you all and miss you all but really lead a very boring life and have nothing worth reading to report.
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Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I am truly blessed to know all of you and even though I've been a remiss at updating all of you on life in Scrubsville I have never been less than grateful to have each of you in my life.

Have a wonderful weekend!
XF-light my fire

Hi, all!

It's November 22 and I'm sitting on my deck with a duraflame log in the firepit and a glass of cheap Pinot Grigio in hand. Unbelievable! It was in the 70s here today. Bell bottoms, leisure suits, and shags -- both hair and carpeting -- and super windy, so perhaps the fire was not the best idea but it's lovely.

I had some more gum grafting done a week ago. Nuff said, except for the fact that this was much less painful than previous experiences with same. I'm already back to talking and eating, much to the family's chagrin. ;) Two weeks off work, though, and I feel guilty for not being there. Not guilty enough to call and offer my services, after all, I'm heading for Atlanta tomorrow with #1 and #3 sons for Thanksgiving at my little bro's house. The 'rents are already there and, goddess willing, we'll be there about midnight. Scrubshub and #2son are staying home to go to the OSU/Michigan game on Saturday. And to take care of the dogs, cats, birds, and fish. mwahahahaha!

Some Christmas shopping is done. Some is being considered. Who would've thought that SH would want a steam mop for Xmas? Not I! #1son wanted a large dry-erase board. Done. #2son is getting a telescope. Thanks, cretkid for the invaluable advice and assistance there! #3son has not made his wishes known. I'm thinking about a gel fuel fireplace of some sort for my bro... Will check out the screened porch's suitability for same when I get there. May not be practical.

Did you know Bed Bath and Beyond has open stock All-clad? *drool*

I've been spending way too much time on FB playing flash games. I need an intervention.
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XF-I feel like crap

O hai thar, levaquin!

So, sinus infection, not bronchitis. Still feeling like crap, though. Work tomorrow, come hives or high snowfall. I'm still not sure what to do about Christmas dinner. I'm hoping I'll feel well enough to go grocery shopping this afternoon. Damn it! I hate to 'dumb down' Christmas dinner! SH offered to have #2Son grill something. SRSLY?? You want to cook out? In Ohio?? For Christmas??? Is it too much to ask that someone go pick up a Honeybaked ham?? "You have to order those in advance and stand in line and..." WTF ever, dude. I'll deal somehow.

I did manage to guilt #3Son and his friend into helping decorate the big tree last night. SH decided to decorate the tree in the dining room by himself. "What are you putting on it?" asks I. "The box of ornaments for that tree." "Well, no, you're not because I just saw that box in the basement." "I'm putting these on." "Those are not all there are." As he made no move to bring up the others, I did it myself and then got punished with the guilts when he glared at me at bedtime and informed me that he was really sore and had done too much. (Hernia surgery a week ago.) Dude, I never asked you to deck the halls. I asked the boys. I just insisted that, if you were going to do it, you do it correctly with, you know, actual glass balls and such and not just the garlands. *eyeroll*

Newsflash: apparently a common side effect of levaquin is insomnia. Are you fucking kidding me?? SONOFABITCH! I tossed and turned all. night. long. I'm hoping that changing my dosing schedule and taking it this morning along with copious amounts of benadryl and my iPhone sleep app tonight will put an end to that crap. At least it's broad-spectrum enough that if I am also working on bronchitis it will knock it out, along with every other potential bacterial pathogen in a five mile radius. I'm bound to start feeling better soon. I hope. Please, God? Or Yahweh? Or Santa? Anybody?

revolos55 has a lovely holiday tale of mouse herding here.
Conspiracy from Thea


Well, the power came back after about an hour and I spent the afternoon blissed out on scarletbaldy's fic, Human Credentials. Again. I've read it several times before.

Imagine my joy when I found Part Two!

Imagine my tears when I found that it is not finished.

*pokes you with a sharp pointy stick*

*points like the Ghost of Christmas Future at your 'puter*

Get thee to work, woman! Go! The way I feel right now, I might be dead by the time you get back to it!

Of course, in that case, there's really no rush, now, is there? *g*

*hugs you tight*


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Still sick *stop* have already called in sick for tomorrow *stop* will go to doctor tomorrow*stop* the power went out *stop* scarletbaldy's fic, Human Credentials, keeping me sane for now but the power better be back on by the time I finish part 1 or I'll go down to the power company and give all of them my germs in 'gratitude'.

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XF-I feel like crap


Started as a cold. Has progressed to a mild form of bronchitis (yes, I'm self-diagnosing. Bad doctor!) and diarrhea. Currently, I'm trying to rehydrate but since nothing tastes good, not even water (and I LIKE water), it's hard to keep pushing myself to drink. I'm tempted to have #1Son bring IV supplies home from work along with a couple of liters of crystalloid. I'll see how I'm doing at three o'clock. He's there til 5.

So long as I'm not doing anything, I'm OK and I don't cough. I don't think I've been febrile but my chest and abs hurt from coughing.

Then the puppies got out.

I would headdesk if I had the energy.

I caught them, after trekking what seemed to be miles in the snow and cold, but couldn't keep them. They kept trying to run in opposite directions and, at 70 and 60 pounds, I had to let them go after I wound up on my ass in the snow, panting like a pulmonary cripple at the top of Everest, Ziva's collar in my hand. I staggered back to the deck s-l-o-w-l-y and sat down in my pajamas in the snow until I had recovered enough to make it through the back door. Then I grabbed the phone and called SH to come home from coffee and catch the pups.

Meanwhile, I lay on the floor of the kitchen for half an hour until my BP was above 80. If you can feel a pulse at your wrist/radial artery, it's above 80. Carotid pulse means it's above 60. I couldn't feel my fingers. I don't know what BP that indicates but it wasn't because they were cold. Probably cerebral hypoperfusion.

The cats came and lay next to me on the floor to insure continued proof of life. Cats giving CPR: there's a thought. Chessie would probably have been there but she'd locked herself in #1Son's bedroom. *sigh*

So, my annual vacation the week before Christmas week to get things done has been a bust. I've been mostly in bed since Wednesday. I think presents are all bought. Not sure when I'll be able to get to the grocery store. Nothing's been wrapped, the trees aren't decorated, half my laundry is done but I may have to make do with that. I go back to work Monday. If I'm at all able. We don't get sick days.

SH had an inguinal hernia repair done Monday and is doing great but isn't in any position to do much more than he already has. He'll make a run to the liquor store next week for Tanqueray for my dad and brother. But if he overdoes it, he gets sore and tired. I was hoping #2Son could help SH raise the height of the fence where Ziva gets over it (Victor getting out was entirely my fault. I thought he deserved a run after his sister had been scampering after bunnies. Then Z decided to hop the fence again and that was all she wrote.) but he had to go to work. #3Son is still in bed. It is now 1:50. I may have to legislate/delegate jobs for the three of them, such as decorating and grocery shopping. Yeah. That'll go over like a lead balloon. Kill. Me. Now.